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Drennen Custom Contracting is the National Pilot Contractor for the Energy Star Program

energystarNo other contractor has as much experience with this program for improving the energy efficiency, comfort and health of your home.

Home Performance with Energy Star Improves Comfort and Lowers Energy Bills

Home Performance with Energy Star begins with a qualified contractor providing a comprehensive evaluation of your home's energy efficiency to determine which improvements will give you the most benefit for your dollar. Drennen Custom Contracting will examine your whole house, from the outer walls and ceiling, to the heating and cooling systems, and even the lighting. After helping you choose which combination of improvements makes the most sense for your home and budget, Drennen Custom Contracting then makes sure the work is done correctly.

These improvements may include such measures as...

  • Adding insulation and sealing air leaks.
  • Making sure your heating and cooling system is efficient and installed and operating correctly to deliver comfort throughout your home.
  • Upgrading high-use lighting and appliances to more efficient models.